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IoT Platform

Connect things quickly and securely to our scalable platform.

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IoT is a new technology. Let us guide you through your journey.

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Applications & Devices

We can help you with your device and app development

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We help enterprises realise the potential of the Internet of Things

The Helian Systems platform is the first Australian platform designed to run the applications of the connected world. Our platform reduces the time, costs and risks required to build innovative IoT solutions. Our cloud-based solution gives you the control to quickly deploy and connect your products to smartphone and web apps.

Helian Systems provides more than just the platform. We realise IoT is a new technology, with limited industry experience. We provide consulting services and device/application development. Let us guide you on your journey. Our team of experienced IoT consultants can demonstrate how you can add value immediately with IoT technology.


Our flexible platform simplifies the way companies connect their users and products, and lets them engage more closely with their customers.